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What started out as a hobby many years ago, before marriage and children, has now become a passion. I am now retired and creating stained glass pieces full time. Yaaaaay!

My intent is to create stained glass art that the owner can hang in a window with the sunlight flowing through it to achieve the best brilliance of color, movement, and texture in the glass AND I wanted to make stained glass art that was affordable! 


Stained glass art is beautiful and expensive. I reduce the cost by making smaller pieces from scraps or broken pieces of glass I purchase from the big stained glass studios. I hand pick each piece and sometimes create a panel just based on that one piece.  I also used double waxed cord to hang the pieces instead of chain to reduce cost. The sun catchers are light enough to use the cord. Larger and heavier pieces require a chain, which is included. 

All of my designs are original . No two are alike!

Some designs make use of negative space, wire, and agates.

My studio is located at my home in central San Antonio, Texas. All are welcome to visit, sit, chat, and browse through many more and new sun catchers and panels that are not yet posted on this website.   I also do custom panels for larger windows.

Please email for a convenient time.  Mask required, please. Enjoy!


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